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02 June 2012 @ 08:42 pm
I need more English fangirl chums.  
So, I don't actually like either of them, but I kind of really want someone to write me Danny/Bo fic about how he's completely in love with her and she has no idea until he looks herin the eyes when they're singing and she realises and it's all awkward and strangge because she loves him but doesn't necessarily love him and she doesn't want anyone to think that she only got as far as she did because he wants her. It's a strange compulsion I have now.

Also I want Jessie and Tyler to JUST LOVE EACH OTHER but I don't need to read about it, it just needs to happen.

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Call Me OneTrackcallmeonetrack on June 2nd, 2012 07:44 pm (UTC)
You're back!

I didn't quite understand any of that or who those people are but...are you talking about RPF?! DID YOU DISCOVER YOUR TINHAT LEANINGS?
howlinchickhowl: cellomanhowlinchickhowl on June 3rd, 2012 07:51 pm (UTC)
Indeed! Apparently just RELENTLESSLY running anti-virus programs will actually work after a week and a half. Who knew.

I knew no one would, hence my needing more english fangirl types, but I HAVE NO OTHER OUTLET for this craziness which has beset me. And yes, I think it is time I fashion myself a tinhat.

Basically, on the UK version of The Voice there is (was as it's now finished) a contestant called Bo Bruce and her coach is Danny O'Donoghue of The Script lack of fame. And they're both quite annoying. But YESTERDAY on the final, they performed together and it was all intense and weird and then afterwards she was all spaced and they looked at each other and I was like, whoa.

If you care to watch, it's here:

The majority of the performance is pretty meh, but there's this bit right near the end where I was holding my breath because I was certain they were just going to forget to sing and kiss each other. Plus they're both kind of horrendously awkward movers and it's quite sweet to watch. ANYWAY it needs to happen.

And the other thing is Tyler James and Jessie J who are really flirty and cute and should just be together.

It is wrong that I am having feelings about this. Very wrong.

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