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07 June 2012 @ 12:30 am
So, this kind of came out of nowhere...  
I have apparently been in the mood to write today.

Title: Even if it's a lie, say it will be alright
Show: Roswell
Pairing: Michael/Maria
Rating: PG
Summary: After graduation they spend a long time on the road

They've been on the road about six months when they come across the little white chapel on the side of the road.

It's hot as hell inside the camper and Michael's been sat up ramrod straight all night with Kyle drooling all over his shoulder because the dude can't keep to himself in his sleep. He's frankly just relieved as hell when Liz shrieks at Max to stop driving and forces them all out into the dusty heat while she jumps around all over the place yapping about how perfect it is.

It's a nice enough place, whatever, he doesn't really see what the big deal is, but Liz is all goofy happy and Max is smiling for the first time in weeks, and it feels kind of like the tension that has been building up between them all ever since graduation just breaks and suddenly everyone is grinning and laughing again. And he can't say that it's not pretty nice.

They find a motel about a mile up the road and the girls start going nuts about planning the wedding and finding Liz the perfect dress or whatever it is that girls find so exciting about weddings, so him and Max and Kyle unpack their stuff and put everyone's bags in their rooms. The place is kind of shitty but it's cheap and the beds aren't made out of vinyl and hardwood so he thinks it's pretty much a palace.

He brings the last of Isobel's stuff into the room that she and Maria are sharing, and Maria's already there, sat on the edge of the bed flicking through the channels on the world's oldest T.V. She looks up when he comes in and smiles at him, warmly, like she does when she's feeling nostalgic. Michael smiles back because he's been thinking about it too, the night they spent in that sleazy place off the 285. Their first real conversation.

They've come a long way, he guesses.

The wedding is probably the sweetest thing he's ever borne witness to, and it doesn't upset him to admit that he is really happy for them, and proud, and maybe even a little bit jealous.

Liz looks absolutely beautiful, she always does, but Iz found a white top and skirt in a thrift store in town that is so perfectly Liz's brand of almost boho and Maria put all these flowers in her hair and she's smiling so wide you can see each and every tooth inside her mouth and yeah, she just looks great. Max can't take his eyes off her all the way through the ceremony and Michael can barely look away either, she's shining so bright.

Everyone clambers into the camper and he drives them to their “reception”, a bar a couple miles further down the road than the motel that he and Kyle had come upon the day before. Kyle had struck up a deal with the owner, what with them being under-age. Michael's not really sure how he managed it, but he doesn't ask too many questions.

There's a jukebox in the corner and Liz about sprains her face about some Sheryl Crow song being on there and she insists that it has to be their first dance and Michael, Max and Kyle shift some tables around so that they can make a dance floor.

It's the first dance, so it's just Max and Liz, and everyone else is standing around watching them and they look so happy he's absolutely sure the grin on his face is exactly as goofy as the one on Kyle's, standing across from him.

Maria's standing next to him, tears in her eyes like she could burst the Hoover dam and when Michael puts his arm around her she kind of sobs and buries her face in his side, and he can't help but laugh because she's so ridiculous. When the next song comes on she pulls him out onto the dance floor and wraps her arms around his middle. He rests his cheek on the top of her head and just goes with her, he doesn't know what they are these days really, but he knows that if she wants to hold on to him and let him hold on to her he knows he won't say no.

They stay about a month in a town just outside of Vegas, they're running low on funds and there's a diner and a bar and a couple of stores and between them they all pick up a few shifts doing something or other.

He works the grave shift at the bar one night, the kind of dive that The Blues Brothers wouldn't even have played in, and stumbles his way across to the diner for some breakfast when he gets off shift because Rita-May's taken kind of a shine to him and always gives him free pancakes.

He seats himself at the bar and slumps his head down on the acrylic, turns it to the side and catches sight of Maria, serving coffee to some truckers in a pale green uniform that is only missing the silver alien apron that would make it a perfect replica of her Crashdown apparel. That's part of the reason he comes in here so often as well, he likes to watch her like this, pouring coffee, flirting for tips, it makes him feel safer somehow, younger.

He feels his eyes grow heavy and lets them close for a minute or two. A cool hand on the back of his neck rouses him and Maria places a cup of coffee in front of him at the same time as she rubs her thumb into the base of his skull, a concerned frown on her face.

“You doin' ok there Spaceboy?” She asks, he smiles, shivers, shakes his head at her. She hasn't called him that in forever.

“Just tired.” Michael replies, reaching for the coffee when she pulls her hand from him, lays it on his shoulder as she moves past him and round the other side of the counter.

“You should go get some sleep.” Her slender arms rest parallel to his, pale elbows jutting out from the counter top, thin fingers lacing together, he watches her bones shift beneath her skin as she moves.

“I just want to sit here for a bit, ok?” She nods and he thinks she gets it, that maybe she likes this place for the exact same reasons he does. A sad smile tugs at the corner of her lips. He feels bone tired all of a sudden, not just from his shift but from their life. Rita's place is not The Crashdown.

Michael grabs hold of one of her hands, twines their fingers together for a moment. Their eyes meet and hold, he is so tired. The bell rings and she's off again, delivering plates and taking orders, he lays his head back down, wonders how long they'll end up staying here. Wonders if they'll ever stop moving.

Roswell, huh.
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