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03 December 2012 @ 10:33 pm
I wear the white hat...  
Is anyone watching Scandal? And if so, can you please explain to me the Cult of Olivia Pope?

Like, it's a pretty decent show, I'm enjoying it, although I don't necessarily dig the whole conspiracy theory turn it's taken this season - even though I kind of really want to know what the deal is with Quinn - but I don't understand why Olivia is such an apparently magnetic personality.

I like her, I think she's smart and honorable and she does what's right (within the structure of her own slightly skewed moral system, but I mean, she's consistent) and very pretty and she cares a lot about apparently everyone. But I don't think she would be a person who would inspire me to go to war for her, you know? She doesn't make me want to be a gladiator on her behalf, and it falls a little flat to me when that's the effect she has on everyone around her.

It might just be slightly below par writing... It's not the best written thing on television for sure, and there is a little too much melodrama for my liking, it's not healthy for a person to go through life as almost constantly on the edge of crying as she does...so maybe that's why it just doesn't really ring true for me, but it is disappointing when something that is so integral to the show is the one thing I just don't really believe.

I do love how crumpled and lovely and down the line David Rosen is, I could hug him all day. And I adore Huck! And I like Quinn a lot. Still, the show could definitely use a joke every once in a while!

Also, it's been a while, does anyone feel like a catch-up question meme? Comment to this post and I will ask you a question that you do not expect to be asked. Alternatively, you can ask me questions.
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Call Me OneTrackcallmeonetrack on December 5th, 2012 06:31 am (UTC)
Huck and Mellie are my favorites.

I hear you on Olivia. She's kind of awesome when she's in "Let's fix this!" mode but when she's with Fitz? NOPE. I hate the on-the-verge of crying face...and she wears it all the time. It undermines her badassery like whoa.

Also...the sad thing about Scandal is that I started watching because/after I heard what amazing chemistry she and Fitz had...uh..nope. Not feeling that. Way forced to me.

Also Fitz is kinda sucky.

Quinn intrigues me. I low-level ship Quinn/Huck.
howlinchickhowl: starbuckhowlinchickhowl on December 5th, 2012 10:35 pm (UTC)
Mellie! Mellie slays me. She's like the most believable thing in existence. Even though she's ridiculous. I'm always completely floored by how much she just loves him. Like, sure, she can be mean and cold and calculating and she structures everything she does for politics, but then sometimes she looks at her husband and she just really really wants him to tell her he loves her and it just hurts. I think she's fantabulous.

And I absolutely adore Huck. He's so tender.

"I low-level ship Quinn/Huck."


Fitz is very kinda sucky. I don't like him at all. I don't understand why she likes him, why she is still in love with him even when he's so patently awful, and why she apparently broke a gazbillion laws just to get him elected. (Maybe it was just so that the dude who framed his wife for murder-by-crying-rape didn't get to be president, because he's kind of the better of those two for sure) IDK. IT just frustrates me because she's supposed to be this incredibly smart, independent woman and it's ok for her to have flaws. But this one particular flaw seems to contradict everything else about her character. Ugh.

Not. Cool.